Digital Marketing Done Right

Adnomadic specializes in restless, relentless digital marketing. Helping clients achieve real-world results efficiently and effectively via paid search and paid social is the name of the game.

Paid Search & Social Advertising

Reach audiences with search and social advertising. We're experienced in promoting everything from brand awareness to custom off-site conversions. Adnomadic gets in front of the right people at the right time.

Audience Targeting

We build layered psychographic audiences to strategically target active buyer personas. Cultivating retargeting pools is pretty cool too. Re-engage with site visitors and social followers for a low-hanging-fruit win.

Ad Operations & Analysis

We manage every aspect of campaign creation, launch, optimization, and reporting. Experienced in running digital initiatives across numerous industries, Adnomadic offers a variety of creative and analytical services.

Creative Production

We create audience-specific messaging that stands out. Looking for ad creative development? Campaign management? Existing account optimization? We've got you covered.

Strategic Consulting

Build on the foundation of our experience. We help everyone. From those just establishing a digital presence to others considering a massive search or social overhaul. Let's get you aimed in the right direction.

Customized Training

We believe in sharing knowledge to equip others. Adnomadic proudly offers creative, platform, operational, and analytical training.

Get To Know Adnomadic

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Dan Gardeen Head Shot

Dan Gardeen, Owner Operator

Dan is the founder, creative visionary, and digital marketing powerhouse of Adnomadic.

With over 10 years of marketing experience, he’s done everything from data management to creative production, psychographic targeting development to brand revitalization, campaign execution to performance analysis.

Dan honed his craft in-house and in the agency world. He managed paid advertising accounts collectively spending $250k - $300k per month and oversaw advanced campaign tactics spanning a variety of industries. Then Dan packaged his skill set into an expansive digital marketing solution — Adnomadic.

Doubling down on both sides of his brain, he enjoys long, creative brainstorms on the beach, intense discussions about key performance indicators, theorizing proper objective-specific attribution models, and dreaming of the day Twitter will get paid advertising right.

When he’s not scaling client accounts and crushing previous performance benchmarks, you may find Dan relaxing at home with his wife, cooking, or exploring a local estate sale.    

Established in 2017, Adnomadic utilizes years of digital marketing experience, cutting-edge platform tech, and a holistic approach to paid search and social campaign strategy.

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